[openbeos] Fw: [interfacekit] Help understanding some BeOS concepts.

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  • Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 17:31:58 +0200

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Subject: [interfacekit] Help understanding some BeOS concepts.

> Hello!
>     As you all already know, I have little experience using the Be API. So
I am going to
> ask you some questions. Please be kind and provide me as much information
as possible. Thanks.
>     2 problems I have:
    [ first problem was solved! ]
> and...
> 2) How the hell one can setup and use a window subset!?
>     What I was trying to do, was(maybe not possible) to have a main
window, 2 floating windows,
> and one modal window, in the *same* subset, be shown *at the same
time*(all 4 windows visible).
>     The concept behind window subsets I can *really* understand, and
agreed, it's needed, but
> trying set up that hierarchy drove me out of my minds! :-)
>     PLEASE help by providing me some code(draft) of how it can be done.
>     To finish this point: I was trying to have 2 main windows each with 2
floating windows and 1
> modal one, and also 1(or 2 :-) floating window(s) for the hole
>     If you can send me a program source that does all this, I would
really, *really*, appreciate
> you effort.
> Thank you,
> Adi.

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