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I guess this is my cue to stroke my long white beard and get the kids to gather 
around the fireplace while I tell tales of lost days. :-D

The decision to change the name came about from fear, mostly. My fear of 
getting sued personally for trademark infringement. Palm had bought the BeOS 
intellectual property including trademarks. I really liked the OpenBeOS name. 

We held a contest for names. We received a very large number (somewhere in the 
neighborhood of 7000). Stuart McCoy (our Creative Design Team Lead) and I went 
through the list and weeded out things that were not acceptable - garbage 
posts, anything obviously referencing Be/BeOS, anything that was (in our 
opinions) stupid, etc. We came up with a fairly long list, still - I think 
around 100. 

We batted them around in an Admin meeting on IRC. The conversation was long and 
heated. During that time, Bruno said something to the effect of "We should just 
call it Walter" (named after Garfield the Cat's fish, IIRC. Stuart, not having 
met Bruno, took him seriously and said "If you call it that, I will quit". 
Bruno responded "You just don't like it because you couldn't come up with a 
logo for  it". Now, I have to mention that one of our running jokes in the 
Admin meetings was about being Trout Slapped (a Monty Python reference). Stuart 
got quiet for about 5 minutes and came back with the Walter logo that you see 
on Dauwalder.net and said "there's your logo. I still hate the name!". 

We decided to have a vote. We narrowed the list to about 30 of the best and 
made a web page to vote. There were thousands of votes received. The admin team 
voted separately. I took the community votes and the admin team votes and 
compared them. The votes were to rank your favorites 1-5. The interesting thing 
is that almost everyone rated Haiku in their top 5. I did some different 
methods to determine the winner and every one came up Haiku. Stuart did the 
original Haiku logo and I had t-shirts made. 

I did the paperwork to become a non-profit organization and filed it with New 
York state and with the US Government, but we did not announce the name. 

I was driving from my then home in Rochester NY to Columbus for our first Users 
Group (named WalterCon because, as DarkWyrm said, we didn't want to call it 
HaikuCon - that would give the name away!) when I got a call on my cell phone 
from the examiner for the US Govt - he asked me some questions and gave me 
verbal approval. I had a lot of good news at that WalterCon. :-)

That WalterCon spawned many good quotes and a lot of fun. I miss those days.


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I'd like to get some infos about the time when Haiku's name was "born". 
Are there any Discussions about project name suggestions? Was there a 
vote about the name to choose? What happened to the content of 
www.openbeos.org? Besides wikipedia there is little stuff about Haiku's 

Appreciate your help


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