[haiku] Re: FreeType patents are expired

  • From: Rimas Kudelis <rq@xxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2011 15:50:41 +0200

2011.12.01 14:42, Jerry Babione rašė:
2011/12/1 Rimas Kudelis <rq@xxxxxx <mailto:rq@xxxxxx>>


    I'm wondering why subpixel hinting is not enabled by default in
    Haiku. If i'm reading it correctly[1], the algorithm used by
    FreeType for that purpose is not patented, and all other
    FreeType-related patents are expired, so why would Haiku be more
    afraid than Debian or any other Linux distro?


    [1] http://www.freetype.org/patents.html


I'm sure that there are reasons we can't even think of to use the Free-Type algorithms. I can think of several not too. For me, as a developer, I would prefer for the techniques, algorithms, and everything else be fresh and new. I realize we are a re-implementation at Haiku. There is also much that is new. The point is, when others come at Haiku with any infringement type questions; I would wish that there be NO validity in the claims. I know what a tall order that is. So do you.

Hi Jerry,
I'm not sure I'm following you, but AFAIK, validity of infringement claims is justified by how you did something, not by whether or not you did that completely on your own. All in all, I don't think your email answered my question. Stephan's did however.


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