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A comment about the style
first: most of your links are labelled "here".
It would be better to put the
links in the existing text instead:

A new scheduler was developed. Read about
it <a href>here</a>
would become
<a href>A new scheduler</a> was
This makes it easier to spot what the link is about, and reduces
"noise" in the text (the whole sentence "read about it here" has the
purpose of creating a place to attach the link).

And on the contents: I think
this goes into too much detail for a
"release notes" document (something we
would include in the release
or next to it), but it does not look like a press
release either. What
is the use you are targeting with this? Or maybe, should
it be split
into separate documents for different purposes?

Thanks for
working on this, it looks great besides these minor details

Hi Adrien,

Thanks for the feedback, I can certainly put the links inline. I can easily
rewrite this for both release notes and for a press release.

Also thanks to Richie Nyhus who is doing a great job on Facebook and Google+
publicizing Haiku updates.


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