[openbeos] Re: Distribution/Upgrade Mechanism Question

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  • Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2002 15:43:43 +0100

What card is it?


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> Hello, I'm very new here, and hopefully this question has already been
> answered (and if it has, could you point me to it?)...
> Has there been any thought towards system upgrades to the initial public
> release (non-beta)?  If there are fixes to various parts, will people have
> to physically check a particular web-site to determine if they need an
> upgrade/fix?  Or will there be an update manager that can accurately
> determine what various systems/servers a particular box has and query some
> central repository for any potential fixes?
> I think this is a pretty important consideration for end-users.  I feel
> want to simply use their system and have it "heal" itself as the
> weeks/months/years progress (and strongly feel that the last thing they
> to worry about is whether or not their box is secure, flaky, etc, and they
> certainly don't want to worry about library conflicts, etc.).
> Anyways, hello all, and keep up the good work!  Hopefully some day I'll
> the time to contribute to OpenBeOS (which will occur probably right around
> the time BeOS recognizes my nic card :-) ).

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