[openbeos] Re: Did Be, Inc OpenSource "BeOS" and its Logo bymistake??

  • From: Isaac Yonemoto <ityonemo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 00:41:49 -0500 (CDT)

> At least I don't plan to change the "BeOS" logo in the main OpenTracker 
> to soon :-)
> But perhaps we will have a nice logo that will convince me to change it 
> - otherwise, the OS distributors will have to replace it for their 
> distro (which wouldn't be that nice in my opinion).

I had actually made a very nice OBOS logo for my laptop two months ago but
it got lost in the catastrophic hard drive crash (tm).  It had the letters
"OBOS" with an upside-down golden "swoosh" in the background.  Changing it
is simply a matter of importing a bitmap into the resources for Deskbar,
not hard at all.  I presume the rest of the BeOS bitmaps are likewise
incorporated into resources.

I also changed the ugly dude-at-a-chalkboard bitmap (which appears when
you compress the deskbar) into a downward pointing curvy golden
arrow.  This became a problem because I realized that users who put their
deskbar in lower corners might get a little confused =).


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