[openbeos] Re: Developer Edition Vmware Image

  • From: "Zenja Solaja" <solaja@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 04:01:45 +1000

Hi Karl.  Great work with all the haiku images on HaikuWare.

May I suggest a few additions to the Developer Edition super pack:

1) Since you are including BeIDE (great), can you also create a directory
called /boot/develop/BeIDE/tools, which is in fact a symlink to
/boot/develop/tools/gcc-2.95.3-haiku-080323/bin.  This allows BeIDE to build

2) I always change my Terminal prompt to display the current path with the
   export PS1='$(pwd)>'   addition to .profile in the home directory.  In
fact, I would love this addition to all the superpacks, and even think the
Haiku image needs this by default.

3)  A link to the BeBook would be great.  Even greater would be if the
BeBook was on part of the image.  Taking it a step further, BeHappy (
http://www.bebits.com/app/430) would be a great edition to the developers
super pack.

4)  Finally, the HaikuMenu apps entry should be sorted by categories, just
like you do with the other superpack image.  Without subdirectories, the
apps menu is too busy.

Great work Karl (and of course, everyone in the Haiku community).  I am now
able to move some of my development projects to Haiku itself.

Obligatory screenshot -


On 4/6/08, Karl vom Dorff <karl@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I've made a little Vmware image containing all the current developer tools
> on it, plus some other useful tools - weighs in at about 65 mb and is based
> on the Super Pack. I adapted some instructions on how to build Haiku on
> Haiku (from Ryan's build Haiku on Ubuntu article), but haven't actually
> tested it myself yet, but I heard it has been done. I'll need someone to
> look over those instructions (it's on the desktop in the image). Let me know
> what you guys think/suggestions:
> http://www.haikuware.com/view-details/development/miscellaneous/vmware-developer-edition-image

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