[haiku] Re: Defining R1 Features (was Re: Will the WebKit browser be ready for Haiku R1 final?)

  • From: Nick <tonestone57@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 19:34:32 -0600

> Nick <tonestone57@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>  ...
> > But seriously, a
>  [snip ;]
> > 6 month release cycle would be optimal & ideal.
> Optimal depends a lot on the work that has to be done
> in each window between releases. Major changes need 
> time to break the system and patch it back up again.
> Haiku development does not seem to have been disruptive
> much, or at all AFAIK - probably due to our "BeOS R5"
> target for R1 - but who knows about release 2.
> /Jonas.

You're right Jonas.  I actually meant optimal in the sensethat it'll keep 
momentum going with Haiku.  I was notlooking at it in a development sense like 
you did.
Releasing Alpha1 and not releasing next release until, saya year later, would 
make end users unhappy.  They wouldprobably think Haiku development stalled or 
Making a stable release every 6 months means users caneasily upgrade to newer, 
stable Haiku and benefit fromimprovements, new features and bug fixes every 6 
months.Instead of downloading & using nightlies which would have more bugs, 
incomplete or missing features, etc..
It may also allow Haiku to evaluate where it is now andwhere it is going by 
doing these release.  Maybe even better define feature sets & goals between 
releases, etc., etc.
I believe 6 (or 7) months is reasonable enough time to get many changes 
included and not terribly long to makeusers wait for next Haiku release.
To me, a defined release cylce is not about the changestaking place in the code 
but rather to maintain and get interest in Haiku to grow by going this route.

@ZenjaSure, the developers make the decision of releasecycles but this (open) 
list still allows everyone to voicetheir opinions, concerns or suggestions.  
Then developers can decide whether what someone says has any merit, if it 
should be considered or just ignored.
I'm certain that if they believe 6 month release cycle is good idea too, 
they'll go with it, otherwise they'll just dimiss it and move on.  
Sharing (good) ideas will only help to make Haiku even better for all.

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