[openbeos] CVS tar-ball (was Re: USB Stack)

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Valentin wrote:
> I did checked out the files on windows..true..I never knew that can 
be a
> problem. I didn't modified them at all. I am at work right now so I 
have no
> way of trying..but now I have a new computer(actually old.:) ) just 
for BeOS
> and I will try it at home. my problem is that I can not connect from 
home to
> the internet..I have DSL but PPoE driver is not good for me(deutsche 
> = sheat ). But with 2 computers I can do that somehow..so this is 
> try all what you said. thx for answers..
> regards, Valentin

From work computer, download the nightly CVS tar ball (around 9Mb now) 
from this URL:

Then move it to your BeOS system(s) at home via a Zip disk or a CD[-


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