[openbeos] Re: Build changes

  • From: "Andrew Bachmann" <andrewbachmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 04:22:17 -0700 PDT

"Axel DÃrfler" <axeld@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I just wanted to notify those that build Haiku from the sources may 
> want to remove or rename the objects/x86.R1 and distro/x86.R1 
> directories (usually to x86.release.haiku), in order to reduce the 
> amount of memory the whole tree takes.
> Bye,
>    Axel.

Here's my email which I sent to the list but doesn't seem to have come
up yet...

Hello all,

I changed the way the output directory is determine for binary object files and 
the distro 
output directory.  Assume the x86 architecture for this description.

Prior to this change, all output went into an x86.R1 subfolder, regardless of 
the target 
platform (r5, bone, dano, haiku) or the debug level.  Subsequent to this change 
you will 
notice that new builds will go into new subdirectories based on the target 
platform and 
debug level.  For example: "configure" and then "DEBUG=1 jam" will yield a 
"x86.debug_1.haiku".  "configure --target=r5" and then "jam" will yield a 
subdirectory: "x86.release.r5".

This will help to keep objects for different targets separate.  It also enables 
simulataneous builds for different debug levels and platforms.

A side effect of this is that you will probably have an x86.R1 folder on your 
already, which will never be updated again.  While you could rename the 
directory to the 
platform/debug level it was built at, this is not a path I recommend.  Only by 
rebuilding the 
tree can you guarantee that the objects in that subdirectory are really built 
at that debug 
level and for that platform.

So, I recommend you to build the new tree, and after it completes, remove your 
old x86.R1 
directories.  Finally, be sure to update any symbolic links you might have into 
your output 
directories.  Thanks.


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