[openbeos] Booting Haiku (was Haiku hdimage)

  • From: "Chris Peel" <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2005 10:59:34 +0100

I've been away from Haiku from some while but I've been keeping half an eye
on the mailing list and the mention of being able to boot into some form of
operating system, coupled with serial port debugging sounded too much like
the heady ROMWack Amiga days to pass up so I repartitioned my drive into two
3GB chunks, reinstalled R5 and worked my way through Darkwyrm's (who should
be praised for such a concise and easy to follow guide) howto.

I certainly had much more success than Nathan - after allowing everything to
build and copy over I rebooted into my Haiku partion and eventually
(probably took around 2 minutes) booted into a terminal.  The first time I
booted neither the mouse nor keyboard worked but I've just tried again and
everything is now working a treat.  So far I've played with Playground and
had Pulse running - excellent work so far guys!

For information, my test system is an old Tiny PC rehoused in a small form
factor box, rough details as follows:

Intel Pentium II @ 350MHz (correctly identified by Pulse)
Microstar MS6156 Motherboard (Intel 440BX)
ATI Radeon 7500 32MB AGP low profile graphics card
Creative Labs ES1371 sound (on motherboard) not currently plugged in to
speakers though...
Realtek 8139C 10/100 NIC
Mouse and keyboard (both via PS/2)
Antec SL220P 220W PSU (for what difference that makes... ;))

Haiku obviously detected the Radeon card fine as I get full colour from
boot.  I use a Belkin 4-port KVM and switching between Haiku and Windows
seems to work fine.  I've also go a DB9-DB9 serial cable connected to my XP
PC but haven't tried the serial port debugging yet.

I'd love to help out with the testing aspect of boot-from-cold-Haiku so if
there's anything I can try assist with, feel free to mail me off list!

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