[haiku] Re: BePDF documentation

  • From: "Axel Dörfler" <axeld@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 16:35:38 +0100 CET

Humdinger <humdingerb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> There's one more thing concerning BePDF I'm not sure about:
> Since BePDF is an "external" package, can we just take its docu and 
> rework it into our 
> user guide? With the Haiku logo and CSS theme and everything?
> Or should I make a "neutral" XHTML, submit it to BePDFs CVS and only 
> put a link to it in 
> our user guide?
> BTW, who's generating the optional packages? We'll need a new version 
> once the XHTML docs 
> are in the CVS.

Since it could be a lot of work to write/adapt the existing docs of 
optional packages (think Firefox), I would think that a link to the 
project's original documentation should be enough.


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