[openbeos] Re: BeOS5 boot trouble

  • From: "Scott Donaldson" <a_nqe@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 08:38:22 +0100

Thanks, I'll look into it.


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> Ah, I know what your problem is now.  Unfortunately, it's not a pretty
> fix (there may be a patch on BeBits, I haven't seen one but that
> doesn't mean it's not there).  The kernel has 2 entried in it that read
> "GenuineIntel".  If you can open the kernel_intel file with a hexeditor
> and change the second of those entries to "AuthenticAMD" you should be
> fine.  For some reason the boot hangs on fast processors unless you
> change the processor identification string.  If you're having to do
> this from windows, it's gonna be hard to look at the image.be file and
> fine the kernel, you may want to see if www.betips.net has a tip on the
> subject.  Also, you may want to read this:
> -Ben
> > Thats not exactly what I meant, the boot floppy works fine (to start
> > with) I was reffering to my processor being an Athlon XP, the boot
> process starts from the floppy disk. The little icon in the top right
> does its animation for about a minute then the sytem resets.
> >
> > I've set up with two harddrives, windows xp on disk0, and 2K on
> > disk1, with BeOS5 Personal on disk1. Its more like a crash in the boot
> so I was wondering if there was any trouble with compatability. I guess
> I should wander over to BeBITs and see if they have any info.
> >
> > bye, Scott
> >
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