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  • From: "Raymond C. Rodgers" <obos@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 16:54:20 -0800

That appears to be one of the Compaq Clipper devices. I don't remember how much RAM they had (16 MB maybe?), with an infrared wireless keyboard. The keyboard sucked from almost any angle other than directly in front of the the sensor, but I believe it had 4 USB ports which worked quite well. If it is indeed still running BeIA, it would probably be a pre-eVilla build which means it still likely had the user-space network stack instead of BONE. It may be possible to install a normal build of BeOS on it if you install it on a larger compact flash card. I don't remember if you had to open the machine to gain access to that or not though.

Hope that helps... If you need more information, I might be able to contact another former Be type to get a bit more information; he still has one in his possession though I think he now runs linux on it...

Ronny Wisor wrote:
Hi everybody,

I browsed thru ebay an found this:


I think it´s a BeIA Computer? Does anyone know something about this?

Best regards
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