[openbeos] BeGeistert 9 from my point of view

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  • Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 23:08:57 +0000

BeGeistert 9: Bad weather - but a quite good atmosphere

Just to allow everyone, who couldn't attend, to get an idea,
what they might have missed: a review from my point of view.


To the 3 mostly asked qustions

    - how many were there
    - what happened
    - what was shown

there is exactly one answer:

    quite a lot ;)

BeGeistert 9 had

    - with the "French Invasion" (consisting of 10 French in
        2 cars) the biggest group arriving together.

    - with a "Flug-BeGeisterten" ( ???? ) and his 300 $ flight
        probably the most expensive journey.

    - with Marcin from Poland and his 12-hour-train-trip
        probably the longest lasting journey.

Altogether there were 50 visitors, most stayed for both.

I noticed, that from the beginning (when it was a hard time to
guide Chis to the event) to the end
(after the feared check up of the cash)
(after doing the dreaded figures)
the mood was definitely good.

For shure, that the reason for this weren't the problems and
misunderstandings of a linguistic nature that caused general
amusement; lots of visitors were really glad to see the faces
belonging to the guys they knew from email or IRC quite long.

And orders at the Greek for about 106 $ and 200 $ at the pizza-
taxi also made sure, that both body and soul were kept in spirits.


Over all there were 5 presentations/talks, and I hope, someone
else will tell more about the ones I couldn't attend or have
only followed partly.


Nicholas Blachford[1], who released Aural illusion[2] for BeOS,
now works as a software-engineer for Thendic France[3].

Together with Bertrand Presles und Sebastien Lokhamkhouak, he
gave a look inside the Pegasos-system[4], currently running with
the operating system MorphOS[5]

MorphOS is a commercial OS, quite close to AmigaOS 3.9
Pegasus is a PPC-machine, currently based on a dual G3/G4 ATX

This hardware might become interesting to those guys, who want
a PPC for a BeOS successor.

Petra Struck from the German site Amiga-News[6] made an interview
(in German) and released some pics[7].


Frank Scholl from the German site BeOSonline[8] gave an overview
on the upcoming changes to this community-site and what can be
expected from the "Developer Edition" in furure.

After a re-design, the site will not only host German contents,
but also parts in other languages, AFAIR English, French and
Dutch were mentioned.

As a transitional edition (available as a burnable image), the
"Developer Edition" should make it easy for BeOS-newBees to jump
on board without searching the whole net for drivers and apps.
Depending on the legal situation, it might evolve to a distribution
like the ones in the Linux-world.


>From the OpenBeOS community, about a dozen guys were there and
Axel Dörfler und Philippe "I dont sign french" Houdoin talked
about 45 minutes not only about the project itself, but also the
network-architecture of OpenBeOS (or whatever it will be called ;)
Not being a developer, I didn't attend, so I hope someone else
jumps in to give additional infos if neccessary.


Stephan Assmus of yellowbites[10] had a 90 minutes presentation
to the curreent state of Exposer[11] and Coldcut [12].

Missed it, perhaps someone else wants to tell more ?


Bernd Korz of YellowTab [13] had a presentation on a pre-release
of "Zeta" [14], a commercial successor to BeOS.

It is planned to be released as 4 different distributions on CD,
DVD and Compact Flash, aiming at different groups of users.

The most interesting part _for me_ was the way they implemented
localisation in Zeta.
Not only that it seems to make it VERY easy vor developers to
localize their apps, also the every-day-user seems to get an
easy way to make changes to his needs or contribute localisation
for strange languages.

Naturally, there are lots of improvements and innovations compared
to BeOS R503 - IMHO a product that is worth to have your eyes on.


Between all the presentations and talks, you could see Chris
Simmons of BeOSjournal[15] scurrying arroung, picking one or the
other for an interview that might be released there or aired by

I deeply hope, that not only Chris, but also some others (yes, my
French friends, I'm pointing at you ;) pull themself together
und write a review from THEIR point of view - I have attended
BeGeisterts too often and lots of things are too usual to me to
mention them for the ninth time ;)

You will find links to the numbers in brackets [] below, and IF
you have released a review, report or pics about the event, it
would be nice to send that URL to the BeGeistert-Team [17].

Apart from that, I hope, that BeGeistert X, April 2003, will see
as much people having the same fun at the same place.

see you there...

yes, English is not my mother-tounge but it should be good enough
to be understood, even if not all jokes come through ;)


[1] http://www.blachford.info/blachtech/index.html
[2] http://www.blachford.info/blachtech/index.html
[3] http://www.thendic-france.com/
[4] http://www.thendic-france.com/TECH/GE/products/pegasos/pegasos.htm
[5] http://www.morphos.de/
[6] http://www.amiga-news.de/
[7] http://www.amiga-news.de/archiv02/pegasos/index.html
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[16] http://www.beosradio.com
[17] mailto:info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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