[haiku] BeGeistert 021 - "What do you want go with your beer?"

  • From: "Charlie Clark" <charlie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 05 Oct 2009 22:34:41 +0200


looks like our stealth tactic has paid off - no advance publicity and record bookings. Or could it be the minor fact of Haiku Alpha 1 finally seeing the cold light of day?

In any case we're getting seriously worried about making sure you're all fed properly while you're over. Notice we are not worried about the watering! If I could have a show of hands of those planning to attend who'd like to go out together into Düsseldorf on Saturday evening I can see about somewhere suitable.

Oh, and in case I forgot to mention it: BeGeistert 021 - "21st Century OS" will be in Düsseldorf on 17th and 18th October. If you're interested in coming and haven't yet reserved there are still a couple, and I really do mean just a couple, of places left. The event does promise to be packed and interesting with a return of those rare creatues presentation and tutorial. We've also got a couple of nearly-tame developers in special cages and some developers-in-the-making fresh from their GSoC rites of passages.

More info: http://www.begeistert.org <- you'll be lucky or just ask on the list.

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