[openbeos] Re: BIG change in progress

  • From: "Marcus Overhagen" <ml@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 01:42:51 CEST (+0200)

Ok, here comes a small update.

> I've also done some little work on that issue; all the files *I* put in 
> posix/ are up to date and compatible with BeOS ones, except this sys/
> types.h. Please do not remove or replace those.
> The files that need some work currently reside in private/kernel/
I noticed this. Needs much work. :-(

> > - I'm adding posix include files as needed, taken from FreeBSD or 
> > OpenBSD.
> Just make sure that they are BeOS compatible - and in many cases, you 
> may be able  take them directly.
> For example, the math-headers are a bit strange, and we have to do it 
> in the same way.

Ok, a very interesting point. Do we use the LGPL headers from BeOS?
The are in boot/develop/headers/posix and boot/develop/headers/cpp
Be Inc used a glibc port (LGPL) for their libroot and headers.
We have the possibility to make it different, or to use LGPL, too.
But what happens if some of these LGPL files are used by the kernel,
like string.h? I think this makes the whole kernel LGPL, not a thing we
want to have. Looks like importing simply the Be headers is bad, so
we need to do it more careful.
STL headers are available without LGPL license, a very good thing.
The BSDs provide us with headers that are also without LGPL, we
just need to modify them to be similar to BeOS headers.
Not hard, but a lot of work.

> Shouldn't be required too often, though. I would recommend the use of 
> status_t over int anyway where it is appropriate.
I modified many kernel files to use status_t to make them BeOS compatible.
This looks good currently.

> > - If needed, I'm looking how to create a libroot.so replacement, but 
> > this is will come later.
> Basically, we just have to join our libroot, libc, and libm 
> directories. But we have to do this some day, sure :-)

The current state is like this:

-By using a compiler switch, build is not independent of the system headers
-After changing many files, the kernel build with BeOS like headers.
-The modifications are not finished.
-The libnet also builds, but has link errors
-All unit test fail to build, because headers files are missing, and I don't 
want to include LGPL headers.
-Most kits fail to build, because headers files are missing, and I don't want 
to include LGPL headers.

-I'm writing a exam in about three weeks :(

I decides to postpone the update for about 30 days. Sorry for that, just 
continue normal.
When I'm ready, I'm going to bring it up to date with CVS, and apply all the 
To see a list of changed files, see http://beos.overhagen.de/changes.txt

Applying these changes now without add more fixes to them breaks way to much, 


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