[openbeos] Re: BIG change in progress

  • From: "Axel Dörfler" <axeld@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 01 Sep 2002 18:30:15 CEST (+0200)

Marcus wrote:
> - I'm adding the libnet to the build system
> - I'm fixing the network headers
> - I'm making the build independed of the header files from /boot/
> develop/headers
> - I'm making the kernel build use BeOS headers where applicable.
> - I'm adding header files for the kits when they are required for the 
> build.
> - I'm merging ktypes.h sys/types.h OS.h SupportDefs.h

I've also done some little work on that issue; all the files *I* put in 
posix/ are up to date and compatible with BeOS ones, except this sys/
types.h. Please do not remove or replace those.
The files that need some work currently reside in private/kernel/

> - I'm adding posix include files as needed, taken from FreeBSD or 
> OpenBSD.

Just make sure that they are BeOS compatible - and in many cases, you 
may be able  take them directly.
For example, the math-headers are a bit strange, and we have to do it 
in the same way.

> - I'm fixing current and added posix header files to make them BeOS 
> compatible

Oh yes :-)

> - I'm correcting all build problems that result from this changes
> - This means, I'm probably going to change "int"  into "status_t" or 
> into "int32" where required.

Shouldn't be required too often, though. I would recommend the use of 
status_t over int anyway where it is appropriate.

> - This will probably touch many kernel files. Sorry for that.

No problem with that :)

> - If needed, I'm looking how to create a libroot.so replacement, but 
> this is will come later.

Basically, we just have to join our libroot, libc, and libm 
directories. But we have to do this some day, sure :-)

> I think we had some time ago some people responsible for posix and 
> libroot. 
> If you have something prepared/done, please let me know.

David has done some work on it in the past (in order to have a place 
for the network headers, I think).
I've also done some work (moving to BeOS compatible headers and moving 
them from private/kernel/ to posix/), but I wasn't near finishing it. I 
am not aware of any other people working on it, though.
So thanks for your effort!

Anyway, what happened to the posix compatiblity stuff someone (Peter?) 
wanted to work on, anything we can use and add to the repository 
(including headers?)


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