[openbeos] B_TRUE/B_FALSE

  • From: Tyler Dauwalder <tyler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: OpenBeOS <openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 22:21:46 -0700

Howdy folks,

So I've been thinking: sometimes you have a function that returns a boolean 
value, but might fail for whatever reason -- say it takes a filename 
parameter, and you pass it a name for a file that doesn't exist. If you 
leave the return value for the function as a bool, then you have to define 
one of the truth assignments to really mean "either the given truth 
assignment, or the function failed"; sometimes it's really hard to pick 
which truth assignment to use, or you'd like to get an informative error 
code out upon failure. 

Another option is then to use a boolean output parameter and return a 
status_t instead, but output parameters are just annoying.

So, I'm thinking that if we were to add the following definitions to 

#define B_FALSE 0
#define B_TRUE 1

then, one could just return a status_t for the function, check for "< B_OK" 
to see if an error occurred (yielding a hopefully useful error code if so), 
and if not, check against B_TRUE or B_FALSE to see what the result of the 
function was. 

You could also define a bool_t or a boolstatus_t type that's identical to 
status_t, but whose use as a return value would flag the function as 
operating as described above instead of just returning a standard status_t.



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