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>Ärende: [openbeos] Re: I am moving on
>On di, 2008-09-02 at 13:29 -0500, Dane Scott - DSP/TuneTracker Systems
>> One comment to nobody in particular.  In a little wading pool, peeing is 
>> always a bad idea.  Considering the Haiku project is very much the work 
>> of volunteers, I'd suggest everybody go out of their way to be 
>> diplomatic and take others' feelings more into consideration.  It's too 
>> easy to snap-off a mean comment in a post or e-mail.  We can't afford to 
>> lose valuable people due to pettiness.  It's happened more than once 
>> before in our little community.  It's time for everybody to grow up and 
>> behave like adults.  To do otherwise is to cut our own throats.
>> Dane
>I can only say the same thing, sorry to see you leave Jorge! We've been
>friends for quite a while and as Dane said ... it's time to grow up ...
>Haiku is nearing a stage where it can be put to good use ... we can only
>benifit if we put our hands together in joined effords.
>Take care my friend .. hope you wont become a stranger (wich I doubt) ;)
>Luc aka Begasus

Same here. Enough with the low blows. Some people seem so angry for no reason 
other than having a different opinion. 
To bad if they got to you.

Thanks for all the hard work,
  Fredrik Holmqvist, TQH

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