[openbeos] Re: And if we buy zeta source code...

  • From: "Donovan Schulteis" <deej575@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2007 10:43:13 -0600

Simon and I (beunited) spoke with executives from PalmSource, back when they
owned the IP... there was no interest, even in discussing it much.  Access
is probably even more removed from the idea.  I think Bernd only was able to
license some of it because he did so before Be lost control of it.  After
speaking with Michael P. about the possibility, it was determined that the
source really wouldn't help at the point Haiku was at then, at least not
worth the cost.  I can only imagine that this is moreso now.

And even so, having the source code still requires people that have time,
can understand it, and re-implement it in the Haiku tree.  Of which, there
are not many, and they are already hard at work on Haiku itself.  I'm sure a
concensus could come about on which parts of BeOS/Zeta would speed up their
efforts, though, and discussions on getting those pieces could take place.

That all said, I'd like to see as much of the Zeta codebase released as
possible as open source - if (for me) only for the kernel changes and SATA
drivers (without which, I'm stuck doing any development in a BeOS VM on my
laptop - here's to hoping the Haiku SATA drivers move along quickly).
There's some apps in Zeta that would be helpful to the community.  Not sure
what else Bernd's team has done to the OS itself that could not be easily
re-done without source by the brains developing Haiku, but it would be good
for the main Haiku devs to think about what they would want, and find out
what to specifically ask for, even if only to find out a price or if those
pieces could be opened.


On 4/3/07, Dane Scott - TuneTracker Systems <dsuden@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Maybe Google would like to sponsor something more than a seminar.  :-)

François Revol wrote:
>>2007/4/3, Paulo Estrela <paulojbe@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>>> Just an idea :) Somebody knows how much it could cost?
>>>Paulo Estrela
>>I guess that Bernd can only sell/open source libzeta and other Zeta
>>As happened to Blender, the community could buy from Palm/Access the
>>code Zeta is based on while Bernd could release his stuff, so Haiku
>>development will take less time.
> Except a) Palm^HACCESS doesn't care much and b) BeOS contains several
> licenced stuff from other companies that couldn't be open anyway. And
> there isn't much left we didn't rewrite already.
> François.

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