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  • Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 23:47:48 +0200

BeGeistert 011 - Düsseldorf, 18th - 19th 2003

Guaranteed reservation has now closed and while all those who
registered on time are sure of a bed, the youth hostel is very
nearly completely full on Saturday night. So if you're thinking
of coming but having registered yet you need to do so as soon as
possible. And if you're thinking of coming but making your own
arrangements to stay you still need to register because we are
required to order one meal per person per day of the whole event.

That said this looks like being another bumper BeGeistert - nearly 50
registrations so far and 011 is continuing the tradition of a good
mixture of old and new faces; experience and enthusiasm. If we had
a French invasion a year ago, this year looks like "The Italian Job"!

There's plenty to look forward to: plenty of OBOS developers of
course (Axel Dörfler, Ingo Weinhold, Marcus Overhagen, Francois
Revol, and Jonas Sundström for the first time), yellowTab will
be there to show and tell us Zeta, Steppenbear - probably the
most productive BUG there is (home of Beam, eXposer, ColdCut and
WonderBrush) - will be in full force again; Mark Hellegers of the
Themis Browser project and a BeGeistert regular, Michael Pfeiffer
of BePDF and FTP-FS is making his debut, Olivier Coursière will
be telling us about BePascal and Rudolf Cornelissen will demoing
nVidia and Matrox video drivers (and answering questions on how
to write them!) and Matthias Breiter will be there to tell us all
about Technoids magazine. BeGeistert's very own Master of Disaster,
Markus Maier, will be showing BeGPS - a must for any BeCyclist
and there might even be a brief introduction to Bethon from the
Chief Chaos Coordinator. Wow, we might even have something like a
timetable this time ;-)

BeFAN, the local BUG that supports BeGeistert, is kindly providing
networking infrastructure so most people only need to bring their
own RJ-45 and power cables; and a fridge. An internet connection
is unlikely unless we have some valiant war-chalkers skilled in
the art of crafting WLAN aerials...

BeGeistert will end as planned on Sunday at 18:00 but quite few
people are staying over till Monday so there will be chance to
explore some more of Düsseldorf. A couple of people are also
bringing their partners so if your partner likes shopping...

That's all for now but stay on this channel!

The BeGeistert-Orga-Team

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