[haiku] Re: A "Made on Haiku" Badge?

  • From: Stephan Aßmus <superstippi@xxxxxx>
  • To: haiku@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 21:07:06 +0200

On 13.08.2011 20:35, Josh Leverette wrote:
On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 2:26 PM, Ankur Sethi <get.me.ankur@xxxxxxxxx
<mailto:get.me.ankur@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
    Is there a "Made on Haiku" badge I can slap on my website?
>> did this ever get a reply? I've kept this in my inbox for the last three
>> days because i'm really curious about this myself.

I don't know of the existance of such a badge. I don't think there is one.

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