[haiku-webkit-commits] r449 - webkit/trunk/WebKit/haiku/API

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  • Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 13:38:43 +0000

Author: stippi
Date: Thu Apr 22 13:38:42 2010
New Revision: 449
URL: http://mmlr.dyndns.org/changeset/449

Disable the PageCache again, which works around a crashing bug in either WebCore
or the Haiku port. Further investigation needed, added a FIXME comment with some
insights already collected.


Modified: webkit/trunk/WebKit/haiku/API/WebSettingsPrivate.cpp
--- webkit/trunk/WebKit/haiku/API/WebSettingsPrivate.cpp        Wed Apr 21 
16:35:40 2010        (r448)
+++ webkit/trunk/WebKit/haiku/API/WebSettingsPrivate.cpp        Thu Apr 22 
13:38:42 2010        (r449)
@@ -88,7 +88,20 @@
+#if 0
+// FIXME: Using the PageCache will reliably crash searching something
+// on www.google.com, following a picture link which opens the website
+// with the picture in a sub-frame, and then navigating back. This may
+// either point to a problem with the PageCache implementation, or with
+// the Haiku port. It is already a known issue that the Haiku port may
+// instantiate more DOM Document instances for the same navigation sequence
+// compared to the Gtk port. Perhaps there is a problem with the same data
+// being referenced by more than one Document, leading to crashes eventually,
+// when restoring those Document(s) from the PageCache.
+        settings->setUsesPageCache(false);
            // Apply local or global settings

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