[haiku-web] Re: Promoting Donating Squads

  • From: Humdinger <humdingerb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 19:38:44 +0200

Humdinger wrote:
Therefore, I think it'd be a shame if it were forgotten over time.
Do you think it possible to make a sticky thread of it in the General Haiku Discussion forum? The thread's at http://www.haiku-os.org/community/forum/donating_squads

Hey, I just had a look into the forum, et voilà, sticky. Thanks guys!

Additionally I could imagine that a link to it from the Recurring Donations section at http://www.haiku-os.org/community/donating_to_haiku would also give it more exposure and may persuade more interested people that would otherwise leave without donation.

Er, yes, I quoted that deliberately. :)


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