[haiku-inc] Using Haiku logo/artwork for HUGs ?

  • From: Matt Madia <mattmadia@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-inc <haiku-inc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2010 05:07:53 +0000

For clarity, when I refer to the "Project", it is the people who are voting
members and not simply 'people who align themselves with the Project'.

There's a few parts to this,
 1. HAIKU logo being modified & used as a 3rd party logo
 2. Using a 1-to-1 copy of the Project's website theme

'Modification' also includes appending text or images directly next to an
unmodified logo, to give the appearance of a different logo.

My position is that only project controlled items should be allowed to use
& modify the HAIKU logo. Eg, the Haiku User Guide logo, HaikuFiles, the
soon to be Haiku Art & Haiku Translation Assistant are some examples.
In the current TM policy on www.haiku-os.org, it mentions using the
name as part of the domainname being ok, but does not specify the use
or modification of the logo as acceptable. IIRC, a long while back,
there was a thread about Haiku Ports needing to create a different

There's basically two reasons for allowing the Project this freedom:
the TM exists to be used by the Project and if for some reason a
particular graphic wasn't wanted, another project members would have the
ability to remove,replace, or improve it.

For non-project controlled items, they should be encouraged to create their
own logo that does not include nor modify HAIKU's logos. This is specific to
their logo and is unrelated to displaying the logo for other valid reasons.

Although, I'm not sure if the interest is in being able to have a template which
provides a stronger consistency or for their to be a greater design freedom.

Recently, I added some decent (not great nor perfect) "Big*leaf*" images based
on the leaf used in the User Guide logo. My intention is to provide some raw
materials that can foster the creation of new 3rd party logos.

IIRC, the Deskbar logo is under a type of free-usage license -- eg, in non-TM
builds of the Software, the Deskbar logo can remain. Based on this, I'm curious
if the leaf in general can be used in a similar free-usage manner.

Attached are some example logos that could be created for 3rd party sites.

For #2, in the Haiku-User-Groups thread, there was a vocal majority that
expressed the HUG/3rd party websites should have a similar, but not exact
version of the Project's theme.



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