[haiku-i18n-zh] Re: Fresh Hello and questions on the i18n progress

  • From: 韩鹏飞 <pengphei@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-i18n-zh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2013 08:41:03 +0800

Hello Jazzi.

I am sorry replying so late. Recently I am really busy with work. Just like
you, I have tried many oses, from linux releases to BSDs, also including
opensolaries, Skyos, Haiku, etc. And finally I choose Haiku. I like its simple
principle and fully new design. Maybe From the born of linux, there has no
new os born, except for haiku.

For now Haiku has not yet been ready for production, but it will give a new
direction of os developing.

If you have interest, keep your focus on it. And if you have more interest,
maybe we can do something for it together.

Best Regards!

2013/8/9 Jazzi Hong <jazzihong22@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hey Kurain and other guys,
> Here is jazzi, nice to see you guys here.
> Sorry no Chinese input available on my office computer.
> I have been with Red Hat in 2001, then Ubuntu, Gentoo (never success),
> Arch (so clean and fast), elementary OS(Mac like) and Debian + LXDE
> now.
> Haiku is the most incredable OS I have ever met, it's not ready for
> production however, I look forward to the R1.
> =============
> After hangout to different Haiku communities, seems the China
> Community especially the haiku-china.org is silent very.
> I would be happy to hear your HELLO if anyone there.
> --
> jazzi
> Best Regard,


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