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  • Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2017 02:09:05 +0200

Le 22/06/2017 à 19:46, Aiki Zen a écrit :

I read the documentation and in France, no cmd key, may be on Apple keyboard...
Exactly, Apple keyboards have a "cmd" key. (represented with a "⌘" on the key)
The BeOS founder Jean-Louis Gassée comes from the Apple world, so, several things in BeOS reminds the Apple's world. The "cmd" is one of them.
you can find "cmd" key stuff in the BeOS API (and then in the Haiku API)

"cmd" should be a equivalent for "Alt" but things are not so simple. We miss an "AltGr" key, so we use the "option" key (the window key on window keyboards)
On the left side these 2 keys ("cmd" and "option") are laying at their regular position, while on the rigth they are switched.
You may have a look at this user guide page.

How can I help your project ?
this mailing list is dedicated for the French translators (As is clearly indicated by the -i18n- in the mailing list name 😖 ). ET ICI, ON PARLE FRANÇAIS, MÔSSIEUUUU ! (*)

If you want to help for anything but translation, you should have a look at the global mailing list

Best regards

(*)here, we speak French sir !

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