[haiku-development] Re: multi-selection semantics

  • From: "DarkWyrm" <darkwyrm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2007 06:44:15 -0400 EDT

> Oh, you're right. That means we should better mimic MacOS X here, 
> which 
> uses:
> * shift for range selecting (as windows)
> * command for single item selecting (instead of control)
> * control for right click - at least Tracker does so, but it's only 
> Tracker which does this
> IOW maybe we should get rid of control-click for the right mouse 
> button 
> in Tracker, and make it a system wide thing (which would potentially 
> break a lot of apps), or get rid of it altogether. OTOH the left 
> click 
> delayed context menu popup is another Tracker feature that is not 
> consistent with how the rest of the system behaves. Any ideas?
> Also, I just found out that, at least on BeOS, the behaviour is 
> indeed 
> inconsistent, as the list views are using the option key for range 
> selecting, while Tracker is using the command key for this.
IIRC both the Control-click and the delayed popup were workarounds for 
the one button Mac mouse. Considering how pervasive 2 and 3 button mice 
are (including the Mighty Mouse), I'd be up for ditching it entirely, 
especially the delayed popup. Does anyone use Control+click anymore?

> > Will you implement multi-range selection as in Windows?
> > IIRC, you do this by varying which of ctrl and shift you keep 
> > pressed 
> > while
> > you walk the files with the arrow keys/etc. As an example you can 
> > select a
> > range, then deselect a range within that range, or go on and add 
> > another
> > range, with or without the mouse. It's convenient sometimes.
> That sounds like a good idea to be put into Trac as an enhancement :-
> )


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