[haiku-development] Re: mkfs: Error: Failed to get disk device for path /dev/disk/ata/0/master/2: No such file or directory

  • From: Marcus Jacob <rossi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 20:36:58 +0200

Hi Stephan,

>> I gave up on getting Haiku to run on the desktop I "organized" myself, 
>> instead I "organized" an Lifebook Q based on a Core2 Solo 1400 CPU and 
>> Intel chipset.
>Hopefully, we have some new interrupt code soon which will fix this issue. 
>Michael Lotz is working on it as we speak... <fingers crossed>!

Cool, I assume this might be worth to give the desktop another try, once it 
is fixed ;-)

>> This systems boots fine from USB (with the minor exception that safe mode 
>> graphics is required, as otherwise the system crashes somewhere in the 
>> app_server initialization)
>Yes, there is a known issue in which the frame buffer is actually smaller 
>than the app_server thinks (Intel graphics, right?). In any case, VESA 
>graphics are not so bad, for example Haiku is then flicker free.

Yes, Intel graphics. Does increasing the frame buffer size in the BIOS help 
here? Even though the frame buffer is actually supposed to be dynamic.

>>, however when I try to mkfs an existing 
>> partition on the harddrive I get the following error:
>> ->mkfs -t bfs -v /dev/disk/ata/0/master/2 Haiku
>> Error: Failed to get disk device for path /dev/disk/ata/0/master/2: No 
>> such file or directory
>> entering the debugger it complains about ...BPartition::IsReadOnly () 
>> from / boot/beos/system/lib/libbe.so
>> I assume again something stupid on my side! Any ideas?
>The device path looks weird (too short). What device path do you get for 
>the partition you mean when you open DriveSetup?

Well, it is actually the same path I get in DriveSetup, which also fails 
initializing the partition. Tried that first of course before resorting to 
the cli.


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