[haiku-development] Re: if_arp.h

  • From: "Axel Dörfler" <axeld@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 02 Aug 2008 18:29:16 +0200 CEST

Paulo Estrela <paulojbe@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I was trying to build apache axis2c (http://ws.apache.org/axis2/c/) 
> in 
> Haiku (vmware image built with developer tools) and I got an error 
> saying that if_arp.h doesn't exists. I looked in 
> /boot/develop/headers/posix/net/ but nothing... I just saw this 
> header 
> in /root/haiku/trunk/headers/legacy/network/net folder in trac svn 
> browser. Does Haiku have this header?  How can i include this in a 
> vmware image using UserBuildConfig?

Have a look at UserBuildConfig.ReadMe; there you'll see how to use the 
AddFilesToHaikuImage rule to just add that.
The header is currently not part of Haiku, as it's not a POSIX header, 
and I wanted to see how many apps actually need those headers before 
putting them all in (there are quire a few protocol specific headers 
like this one).


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