[haiku-development] Re: [haiku] Subversion to Git migration scheduled for November 12, 2011

  • From: Roland Plüss <roland@xxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 15:01:46 +0100

Haiku Alpha 3 "has been released"? You sure you don't mean Alpha "4"
since A3 has been released June 20th, 2011.


On 10/29/2011 05:51 PM, Niels Sascha Reedijk wrote:
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> Haiku Alpha 3 has been released, the summer (of Code) is over and it
> is time to lay rest to Subversion and roll out a tool that is named
> after a very unpleasant person: Git! [1]
> On Saturday the 12th of November, Haiku will switch to Git. This means
> that the current Subversion repository [2] will be marked read-only
> and that the current Git mirror will become the default trunk to which
> you can push your changesets. [3] This effectively means you have two
> weeks to review your old Subversion check-outs and to commit any
> changes you still want to put in. And if you are planning on making
> some major changes, you can start using Git knowing that in two weeks
> you can push your changes to the new repository.
> The Subversion repository will be marked read-only on Saturday
> November 12, 2011 at 09:00 GMT. At that point we will run some final
> tests, and properly open up the new repository. It is expected to take
> some hours. The actual work on the repositories will be carried out by
> Oliver Tappe, and Niels Reedijk will flip some switches on
> dev.haiku-os.org. The progress will be broadcasted on #haiku. [4]
> During the previous period several tasks were carried out to prepare
> for the actual migration. We wish to emphasise that this migration is
> just the start, Git and the decentralized development paradigm will
> offer new opportunities and new challenges that will pop up expectedly
> and unexpectedly. Nontheless, after the migration we will have the
> same basic functionality as we have now.
> Finally a note for the ones new to Git. Soon we will start publishing
> some links and references to basic tutorials. This should be enought
> to get people started.
> Kind regards!
> Niels/Oliver
> [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software)#Name
> [2] http://svn.haiku-os.org/
> [3] http://git.haiku-os.org/
> [4] On the freenode IRC server

Yours sincerely
Plüss Roland

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