[haiku-development] Re: co-ordination for release of alpha

  • From: "Jonas Sundström" <jonas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 01 Mar 2009 23:50:34 +0100 CET

HubertMH@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi
> From some time begins me worrying what is goes
> on in Haiku. Situation begins looking like users
> more depend on release of system but programmers
> in very small degree.

There has been important work done lately by Michael
Lotz on filesystem layering, which is necessary to
make single-track CD images possible - which is what
most people expect.

There has also been some more work on USB lately, 
also by Michael, IIRC.

Being able to run Haiku from an iso9660, UDF or even
FAT filesystem (with attributes and write support on
top of a read-only filesystems) will help enable the
kind of USB and CD live systems / installers people
expect these days.

> What it throws in eyes first then lack of any 
> co-ordination for release of alpha. Situation
> (following CIA) it looks so, that instead of to
> concentrate on solving block ticket, majority
> developers do another things and not to look back
> on the rest, near what it does not to bring closer
> us to requirements of alpha.

The Haiku project hasn't got the mass of an oil tanker.
It's forward motion isn't fluid, continuous or even dead

> Some sabotage begins
> slowly reminding this.  Maybe bribed someone Apple
> or Microsoft? :D

Clearly a joke, but I think you might be stepping on
a few toes. I'm sure the core developers who may have
had less time lately (or might have been writing less
code and instead done more testing/debugging)
all wish they had more time to invest.

> I Believe , on approaching BeGeistert
> this situation in will become end.

I think development pace usually speeds up when 
BeGeistert approaches. Good things ahead, I'm sure.

How soon, how great and how far Haiku will go is
anyone's guess until we get there.


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