[haiku-development] Re: Vim episodes. IV. It is ready to breathe...

  • From: André Braga <meianoite@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 18:23:12 -0300

Em 11/05/2009, às 17:14, Ryan Leavengood <leavengood@xxxxxxxxx> escreveu:

This is a bit off-topic, but I have been extremely unhappy with Ubuntu
for quite a while now (particularly on my ThinkPad laptop) and I will
probably replace it with FreeBSD soon


(because having a Unixish OS
around is fairly useful.) If anything it just provides more motivation
to work on Haiku since there really is no decent alternative


(Mac OS X
is OK but I don't want to pay the Apple tax.)

-1. It pays in the long term. And while people insist the hardware is commodity pieces on a pretty case, it is, in fact, legacy-free. IMO having EFI alone is enough reason to buy Apple gear. I myself am waiting for i7-based mobile processors to buy myself a MBP. (for the sake of argument, let's pretend money won't be an issue then. wishful thinking at its best, to be honest!)

Back on the topic of this thread, I too am fine with just having nano
or something similar as the Haiku command-line editor. Though Ingo's
comment about the Cream key bindings using Ctrl made me wonder about
nano too. Would it use Cmd on Haiku or Ctrl?

Ctrl. Like in under every other OS.

AFAIK the standard
command key for nano is Ctrl. I suppose a "proper" port of nano (or
Cream) would take into account the shortcut key settings of Haiku.
Hopefully that would not be too hard to do.

But that would be a GUI port, not a CLI one. CLI ports of POSIX applications must be consistent in this regard. Imagine how surprised a user would be if s/he tries to copy text on a CLI app with Option(ALT)+C, but finds instead that the app was promptly terminated. O_o

Also, consider that there's a GUI app wrapping every CLI session, and that's Terminal. I'd like to copy and paste text from and on the Terminal using keyboard shortcuts, easily. Windows got this wrong. KDE +Gnome+XFCE+Aqua+boatloadsgot it right.

*OTOH*, if one's porting a DOS app I'd expect ALT to behave like ALT and not META, and that Ctrl-C would behave like "Copy", and not SIGTERM. Hmm... Burden on the porter, I guess.


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