[haiku-development] The ways of Reboot. Acknowledge or not?

  • From: Siarzhuk Zharski <zharik@xxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2009 09:56:55 +0200

Hi Philippe!

Philippe Saint-Pierre wrote:
Just a small note to inform you I intend to tackle ticket 3733.. Is somebody already working on this?
That is nice! This is one of most "significant" parts of interface and should be discussed! :-) To initiate this discussion I just repost here my comment from the mentioned above Trac ticket:


Preface: For 10 years with BeOS I have *never* shutdowned or restarted it by accident. But for some years with Haiku I have OKeyed this confirmation alerts *many thousands times*. And I really hate this alert boxes! :-D I love BeOS because it doesn't ask me too much for obvious things.

Well, let's look on the problem: someone think that many users have problems with fine hand movements and decisions - and they can "accidentally" select the "Shutdown/Restart" menu entries from the main Haiku menu. Well, I can agree that main menu is a common place and some more protection can be useful here. But IMO, neither current confirmation alerts nor proposed windows-like full-blown dialog boxes can be lightweight and acceptable solutions for Haiku.

My proposition: Shutdown and Restart menu entries should be replaced with following sub-menu:

End of Session... -> Restart
                 -> Shutdown

or with this one: (thanks to humdinger for thinking about the feature)

End of Session... -> Restart
                 -> Shutdown
                 -> Suspend
                 -> Log out
-> Switch user
1) it is lightweight and is not over-complicate.
2) it is a BeOS/Haiku way of things. Remember, most of operations in Tracker are performed from context menu. Rebooting from the sub-menu is absolutely natural for typical Tracker user. 3) in proposed solution accidental reboot of the system can occur when user "accidentally" go to "End of Session..." sub-menu and "accidentially" click some menu entry there. I can't imagine this as unintentional action. 4) it save a miles of mouse movements and thousands mouse clicks! Actually you need to select the "Reboot" menu entry, move mouse pointer at least 6 inches to the center of the display, point mouse at OK button and finally click it. The solution, proposed by me require about 2 inches of mouse movements and single click! It saves more than 4 inches and one click pro every reboot. :-D
5) it doesn't irritate the user with obvious confirmation alerts.

1) it is still possible to "accidentally" reboot the system from the main menu by selecting "wrong" menu entry. Yes, windows refugee can be surprised with such easy way of reboot. Well - we can add the option "Ask the user before shutdown the system" into Tracker options to make both beginners and veterans happy. :-)
2) ??
3) ??


Do you have any opinions, gentleman? :-)

Kind Regards,

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