[haiku-development] Testers needed for updated notification_server

  • From: Brian Hill <brianh@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2017 19:47:20 -0500

For the adventurous,

I have made some updates to the notification_server as documented in the following ticket:

It is a proof of concept but very functional at this point. I would appreciate some testers trying it out for a while and giving some feedback. I have provided a build of the server binary for x86_gcc2 in the ticket, however my branch for these changes are here if you want to try this on another arch:

You will probably need to remove the mime entry for the current notification server and then run the new server for Haiku to re-register the new location to find the server binary (this is important because I have added a Deskbar replicant). Alternatively you can blacklist the system's notification_server and run the new one.

Briefly, these are the changes I have made:
-Added a "Notification Center" window where timed out pop-up notifications are sent to and remain until closed.
-Added larger "close" area to each notification which is the shaded area on the right side
-New deskbar replicant which allows you to show/hide the notification center and adds a red ball to the icon when new notifications are added to the center.
-Notifications now do not close when you click anywhere outside the close box on the right.

Known bugs:
-Sometimes a notification is not drawn at all and just shows as empty space if more notifications arrive after it. Most times you can still close it by clicking where the close box should be. I have captured an error message when that happens and will investigate.
-When the notification center is showing and there are notifications in it there is a small amount of constant CPU usage in the app_server. I need to investigate that (or if you can help find the reason that would be greatly appreciated).
-A scrollbar is not programmed yet for when there are more notifications than can fit in the window


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