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  • Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 07:56:47 -0700


Adrien Destugues wrote:
Are we going to give commit acces to this branch to the original Stack and Tile developpers ? (I believe it's possible to have such kind of restricted commit access with svn, and if not, I think we could thrust them not to mess with trunk too much. Or do we need a core Haiku dev to handle it ?

A Stack and Tile branch was created on SVN in Oct 2009.


On Nov 7, a vote (subject is "Vote: (Branch?) Commit Access for Hong/Christof", so it should be a vote) on whether to grant commit access to the S&T devs was initiated by Matt Madia on the development mailing list:


All this was pointing in the direction of embracing the S&T idea and its developers into the project, but for some reason the vote stalled and then died on Dec 11, and no decision was ever made.

Which is very strange, because in spite of some concerns from Axel and Niels, most of those who voiced their opinion on the vote thread seemed to be in favor, including the members who actually casted their +1 votes (scott mc, Clemens zeidler, Oliver Tappe, Fredrik Holmqvist, PulkoMandy), and there were no explicit -1 votes.

Anyway, it would be nice for the project to take a clear stance on whether it wants to embrace S&T or not. The folks from University of //Auckland deserve to know IMO (even if it means not embracing their code for whatever reason).


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