[haiku-development] Re: Sparc buildtools (was: Re: z-order in input dispatching and drawing)

  • From: François Revol <revol@xxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2011 01:18:02 +0200


Le 05/09/2011 15:02, Sylvain Kerjean a écrit :
> Hi everybody,
> In attachment there is my tentative to port buildtools for sparc.

Please don't hijack threads by replying to unrelated messages, this
breaks mail user agents.
And put a sensible subject to your mail!

> I compile with « ./configure --build-cross-tools-gcc4 sparc buildtools/  »
> If someone can do a review and tell me what is wrong, it would greatly 
> appreciated.
> I made also some changes in the headers which are not listed here .
> Thanks
> Anarchos

> --- binutils/bfd/config.bfd   (revision 42708)
> +++ binutils/bfd/config.bfd   (working copy)
> @@ -1358,6 +1358,7 @@
>    sparc*-*-chorus*)
>      targ_defvec=bfd_elf32_sparc_vec
>      ;;
> +    
>    sparc-*-linux*aout*)
>      targ_defvec=sparclinux_vec
>      targ_selvecs="bfd_elf32_sparc_vec sunos_big_vec"

No need for this.

> --- gcc/mpc/doc/mpc.info      (revision 42708)
> +++ gcc/mpc/doc/mpc.info      (working copy)

It seems configure or make or some other thing is touching info files...
Do not include them in the diffs, they are unrelated.
You'll want to svn revert them before doing your patch.

> --- gcc/gcc/builtin-attrs.def (revision 42708)
> +++ gcc/gcc/builtin-attrs.def (working copy)

I don't recall ever having to touch this file for other ports, what is
the purpose of those additions ?

> --- gcc/gcc/config/sparc/sparc.md     (revision 42708)
> +++ gcc/gcc/config/sparc/sparc.md     (working copy)

Here as well, what's the purpose of those changes ?
Are they required to make it work ?
Or are they just changes from a more recent gcc that you merged ?
If they are in a newer gcc and you need them, I'd suggest you first
merge the newer gcc itself, then propose the haiku-specific sparc
changes to avoid confusion.

> --- gcc/gcc/config/sparc/sparc-protos.h       (revision 42708)
> +++ gcc/gcc/config/sparc/sparc-protos.h       (working copy)


> Index: gcc/gcc/config/sparc/sparc.c


> Index: gcc/gcc/config/i386/haiku.h

No reason to touch x86-specific code for a sparc port!

> --- gcc/mpfr/configure        (revision 42708)
> +++ gcc/mpfr/configure        (working copy)

Do not include changes to auto-generated files like configure.
Those can get quite verbose...

Btw, in vi(m) you can do:
to delete lines until the next diffed file.


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