[haiku-development] RFC: Haiku Mesa OpenGL kit OptionalPackage patch (the "big","final" one)

  • From: Alexander von Gluck <kallisti5@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2012 23:33:53 -0600

Ok. I have a working solution which is more or less done minus some rough edges.

* gcc4 Haiku uses mainline Mesa sources (7.12 as of last testing, however they just bumped the version to 8.0)
 * gcc2 Haiku uses Mesa 7.8.2 + few hundred line patch.
(last tagged version of Mesa before all the crazy C++ GL shaders were added that don't play with gcc2) * Keep our fork of GLUT. As it isn't developed anymore.. it makes sense to keep it in-tree.

Gcc2 vs Gcc4 hardware rendering
* gcc4 implementing gallium3d / hardware rendering is now feasible as we actually compile and use a Mesa release new enough. * gcc2 hardware rendering through Mesa / Gallium doesn't seem possible (without forking Mesa) due to the gcc2 compiler limitations.

* There are some weird depth issues on the handle + spout in GLTeapot. I think it's actually a problem in GLTeapot as I see the same issue on Mesa 7.8.2 gcc2 and 7.12 gcc4
 * Still need to plunk the GL headers into develop/includes on final image.
 * No PPC, ARM, etc builds of Mesa == no OpenGL on these platforms.
Chicken and egg. We need to actually be able to boot Haiku on those platforms before building Mesa.

Now!!! The "final" git format-patch is available here:

!!! Please take a look folks and point out any issues. !!!

Feel free to flame me on stuff! This is a fairly large change that touches quite a few core spots of Haiku.

P.s. There two optional packages used... they are loaded from haikufire.com. These need to be put on haiku-files long-term. As soon as my Mesa Haiku changes are tagged in Meas 8.0, I (or mostly anyone if I get hit by a bus) can make bep's on haiku ports.

 -- Alexander von Gluck IV (kallisti5)

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