[haiku-development] Re: R1/A3 -- Third Time's the Charm(?)

  • From: "Axel Dörfler" <axeld@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2011 19:16:58 +0100

pulkomandy <pulkomandy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> some stuff done. My TODO list isn't that full, but according to trac
> roadmap, R1a3 is only 28% done. any ticket listed there and not solved 
> in
> time for R1a3 create the need for an alpha 4, and so on. Then, we'll 
> never
> reach beta stage...

While I agree with you that a release shouldn't be rushed, I don't see 
the connection. Beta stage is reached when all features are 
implemented, not when all know bugs are fixed.

IOW we "just" need to put a final nail on the R1 feature set, and then 
the road to a beta probably isn't that long anymore.


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