[haiku-development] Questions from Haiku novice

  • From: Markku Hyppönen <make.hypponen@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 01:16:40 +0300


I have used Haiku only few days now but I like it a lot already and I
would like to involve in development. 

I have several years work experience in programming (in unix/linux
environment) but I have mainly worked (and I'm still working) with java
and because c++ environment differs from java's I have now little
starting problems here. Though, c++ as a language is not unfamiliar for

I have latest revision of code and I managed to make little test with
'Clock' application by changing the code little bit and then run
application under generated directory.

When I tried same with 'Backrounds' application it didn't find
liblocale.so library. I managed to fix that by changing LIBRARY_PATH but
I couldn't find libicu-common.so.4.2 anywhere (see error below).

I guess this is not the right way to do it :) so what would be the best
way to test my changes?

Best Regards,
Markku Hyppönen

 LIBRARY_PATH=$LIBRARY_PATH:../../kits/locale/ ./Backgrounds
runtime_loader: Cannot open file libicu-common.so.4.2: No such file or

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