[haiku-development] Re: QT and SDL GCC4 libs and Haik compatible Logo program

  • From: Jim Saxton <black.belt.jimmy@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2011 20:05:42 -0700

Why this is even being discussed:

 A quote from 

Secondly, Haiku releases two different versions. GCC2 & GCC4 (well
actually four), yet the 'official' flavour is the GCC2 Hybrid.
Confused? So, whose fault is it that developers develop GCC4 apps that
don't work on the official hybrid but work on the GCC4 builds? Well,
that's interesting. On one hand you could say the developer, on the
other hand you could say Haiku because if Haiku only had one official
version of their operating system, there wouldn't be this mess in the
first place... If they release different versions of their operating
system (and I'm not talking architectures), they themselves should
ensure that GCC2 software will work on GCC4 builds, and visa versa. To
me it's a mess. You don't see this problem with Windows or OS X
software. You download it, and it works. There may be a problem with x
software only running on WinXP, or OS X 10.5.3, but you don't have to
have knowledge of which package/zip file you have to download and
which Haiku OS the software will run on.


The haiku devs are partly to blame and should take a roll in corecting
the issue. It is the reputation of the Haiku project that is at stake,
not these game porters who are just doing what they want and sharing
what they do.

When r1a3 or r1beta, or R1 are released and the reviewers attempt to
install poorly ported software that is only packaged to run on a gcc4
build of haiku, it will be Haiku that is dissed in the review, not the
game that was not packaged to be compatible with Haiku.

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