[haiku-development] Re: Proposal: include InternalMIDI in Haiku

  • From: pete.goodeve@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 18:30:06 -0700

On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 11:18:17PM +0100, Barrett wrote:
> No. i played with MIDISynth connecting it to InternalMIDI also via
> PatchBay, and work as well in Haiku but have latency problems, the
> sound seems ok.
> (remember that Haiku doesn't have sf2 installed by default if you want to try)
Yes, I have a soundfont installed (Unison.sf2); MidiPlayer works fine (with
Once I recompiled the (original BeOS) sources under Haiku, though,
InternalMidi did work as advertised.
> > I'm not sure how useful it is in the current form.  It probably would
> > be more useful to make 'MidiPlayer' a full-featured focus for this.
> I think that MIDIPlayer should remain simple as concept, maybe there
> are some nice features to be added.
> My idea for a sort of midi preferences is related for example to
> select different sf2 files.
Yes, I'm in complete agreement, but I'll stick by my assertion! (:-))
If you think about it,  the intended function of the two apps is
essentially identical, except that one plays Midifiles, and the other
accepts arbitrary MIDI. (Oh, and InternalMidi is a replicant, but that
doesn't need to remain a distinction.) They both should have exactly
the same controls otherwise.  ...Including selecting a soundfont.
(And MidiPlayer's reliance on 'big_synth.sy' should go away really
soon!  I checked by putting 'Unison.sf2' in place of the original
in the '.../synth' folder, and -- unlike InternalMidi -- it no longer
worked.  And strangely, I can't find where that name is set by grepping
relevant sources...)

All that MidiPlayer really needs to have the function of InternalMidi
is to provide a named port.  But of course it can also be improved by
merging the nice sliders of IM and so on.

> >
> > One thing that definitely seems to need improvement is the performance
> > of fluidsynth.  Cyan's 'SqueekySynth' drives fluidsynth fine on BeOS,
> > but he still uses the old MIDIKit, so it won't work in Haiku.
> Haiku have support for both old and new midi_kit, far as i know.

You're right -- SqueekySynth wouldn't have even loaded if it was
missing.  However, something is still deficient, because there's
no sign of the "MidiPortGlue" connectors that appear (in PatchBay
and MusicWeaver etc.) under BeOS, so I can't drive it from anything.
> >  When I
> > try to drive it with MidiPlayer in Haiku, the lag is about a second,
> > which of course is useless.
>  i'm curious to find where are the latency problems, maybe in media_kit?

This is something I intend to investigate when I get a chance.

-- Pete --

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