[haiku-development] Re: Proposal from Begeistert: Getting Ready for the First Beta

  • From: Kingdon Barrett <kingdon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 08:50:52 -0400

On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 1:24 AM, Stephan Aßmus <superstippi@xxxxxx> wrote:

> This will be a web application, similar to how Haiku translations are
> handled. The software center app needs to pull information from there.
> Building this infrastructure is all web development work. Something I have
> mostly no clue about.
> If people step in, then maybe it all clicks into place in a few months
> from now. Otherwise all we will have is pkgman on the command line and just
> the official repository and no stable / current release channels and
> neither rolling releases.

I will throw in that copy/paste additions for VirtualBox should be easy to
package with a recipe, and I'd like to volunteer with that in mind I have
never seen a Haiku recipe before.  I have just found the package management
documentation part of new haikuports and I hope that usage of pkgman is
clear to me when I get there.  So far, I have checked out the
package-management branch and I don't see any pkgman at all.

That said I also noticed there is no installation documentation (dead link
from the front page wiki) on the HaikuPorts website, so maybe I have
reached as far as I am meant to be allowed as an end user of the published
nightlies before the package management release!

Maybe a separate thread or just a quick mention from one of the developers
would be the best way to find out how pkgman can benefit me and where to
find the described source or binaries for myself, now as it is being
pre-release to the general public, it would seem from this thread.

I have used FreeBSD ports and portmaster with pkg-ng, another system with a
legacy package base, easy to use build robots that follow the recipes, and
a next generation package manager that hasn't seen any light of day in a
sense; last I looked there was no repository from which to download pkg-ng
packages.  That has been the case for over 1 year and the FreeBSD community
has obviously entered untold suffering for lack of a release containing the
next generation miracle.  It's basically transparent in that things work
exactly as before when you switch to pkg-ng.  On their mailing lists they
probably argue, it could even wait until after the next release.

If you are expecting folks to copy and paste these lines in Getting
Started, and you admit there is no good web browser in Haiku, it would seem
the next important thing is to enable copy and paste into a Haiku virtual
machine since the latest nightly works so well in VirtualBox, you can't
discount that many of your new users are going to come into the Haiku world
in this way.  It's not too much to type, but it detracts from the


That said, it looks like the VirtualBox experience has improved
dramatically since the last time I tried in spite of there being no
install-able additions or modules in any package system I've searched;
alternatively I submit that maybe I have learned to configure the virtual
machine better.

Kingdon Barrett

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