[haiku-development] Re: Optional Packages for R1A3

  • From: Adrien Destugues <pulkomandy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 19 May 2011 20:22:30 +0100

(replying to various mails in the thread here...)

different versions of images should be done only once the package management works and is in place, I think. Because then you know you can morph any version of Haiku into any other or a mix of both via a controlled mechanism. Right now, you couldn't be sure that an incompatibility in your system isn't caused by installing more stuff on top. I'd rather have only one distribution of Alpha 3 for now.
Yes, only one version of the Alpha and it will fit on a CD.

Anyboot images : now that we got them working well it would be nice to phase out the plain ISOs. One single download for all uses seems to make sense and avoids trouble. This means, of course, some things will have to be dropped from the release. Let's have a look :

Group 1H      autoconf-2.68-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      automake-1.11.1-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      bison-2.4.3-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      flex-2.5.35-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      jam-2.5-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      libtool-2.4-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      m4-1.4.16-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      make-3.82-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      mkdepend-1.7-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      perl-5.10.1-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      cmake-2.8.4-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      yasm-1.1.0-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip

I think perl and cmake can be removed.

Group 2 (various supporting tools and libs)H apr-1.4.2-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      apr-util-1.3.10-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      bzip2-1.0.6-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      bzr-2.2.2-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      cdrtools-3.01a01-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      ccache-3.0.1-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
N      curl-7.21.6-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      cvs-
H      droid-113-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      expat-2.0.1-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-18.zip
H      fastdep-0.16-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-18.zip
N      git-1.7.5-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-18.zip
H      libiconv-1.13.1-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-18.zip
H      libpcre-8.12-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      libxml2-2.7.8-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-18.zip
H      libxslt-1.1.26-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-18.zip
N      mercurial-1.8.3-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      nano-2.2.6-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-18.zip
N      neon-0.29.6-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-18.zip
N      openssh-5.8p2-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-18.zip
N      openssl-1.0.0-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
N      p7zip-9.13-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-18.zip
H      python-2.6.6-x86-gcc2-2010-08-30.zip
N      rsync-3.0.7-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-18.zip
H      sed-4.2.1-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      sqlite-3.7.5-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-17.zip
H      subversion-1.6.15-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-18.zip
H      tar-1.25-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-18.zip
H      texinfo-4.13a-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-18.zip
H      xz-utils-5.0.1-x86-gcc4-2011-05-06.zip

ccache, cvs, fastdep, rsync, texinfo can be removed
libxml and libxslt are likely used by some other app ?

Group 3 (Apps voted into Alpha3)3      KeymapSwitcher
H      pe-2.4.3-600-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-18.zip
H      vision-908-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-18.zip
3      BePDF
H      WQY-MicroHei-r1a3-x86-gcc2-2011-05-18.zip
H      WebPositive
H      WonderBrush

WonderBrush could be removed too, if space is limited.

What about adding some scripts called "Install Wonderbrush", "Install SDL", ... in a folder on the desktop ? These would be lauchable with a double click and just run installoptionalpackage. Avoids getting to the command line for beginners, and easily addssome software as a post-install step.


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