[haiku-development] Re: OpenTargetFolder

  • From: "Michael Phipps" <michael.phipps@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2008 14:21:19 -0400

julun schrieb:
> Michael Phipps schrieb:
>>> Personally, I think that single click to terminal is NOT something
>>> that should be part of the OS. As an add-on that you can download,
>>> fine.  That seems like feature creep, to me. I used Summon all of the
>>> time, BTW, and I would download it first thing as part of a Haiku
>>> install, but it shouldn't be part of the core OS.
>> We are always talking about we targeting Desktop users, why would one
>> include the Terminal, gcc, devtools, headers, source files and such if
>> we are? Ok, we can say we target advanced Users too, they might compile
>> something. Finally we can say we are targeting developers too. But then
>> why not include a useful add-on? It's not feature creep, it's the
>> unclear direction we are running.

I think that there is a distinction between what is in the source tree and what 
is in a given distribution that you aren't making.
Last I knew, the plan was to make a minimal OS distro that includes more or 
less what Be did (less being things like PoorMan's and Net+ and more being 
(maybe!) FireFox).  The developer's tools would be available as a separate 

If that is still the plan, then my point remains. Useful add-ons are, well, 
add-ons. Things that people like, choose and install. Distro makers have the 
choice of what they choose to bundle. Karl still makes his, for example. 

The core OS, IMHO, should be as minimal as possible. The smallest possible 
package that enables you to get up and running. If Karl (or even Haiku, Inc) 
wants to make some additional distribution packages or even a repackaged OS, 
that is fine, too, so long as the rules are followed. 

>> As i see the alpha thing as dev release, it might make sense to have it.
>> Still there needs someone to show up and code it or at least provide the
>> Summon binary, can't remember that i've seen the source somewhere.

>> Best regards,
>> Karsten

>I can only agree with Karsten here. Tracker is fast and efficient for
>keyboard-based browsing. The only things which lowers effectivity is
>that when you've reached the folder you are looking for is a quick way
>to open the terminal in the target folder. Really, it is useful for the
>audience which is currently needed and the audience which is currently
>running Haiku in their VMs or - as me - natively. And that is not end users.

But you have the knowledge and capability to download an add-on and install it. 
As do all other devs, I would think. The goal and idea was (is?) to keep small, 
fast and lean. Every optional component that is installed in the base moves 
away from that goal. 

Honestly, I hoped to avoid even putting terminal in the base distro, but, as 
was pointed out, scripts require it.


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