[haiku-development] Notification Server?

  • From: "Ryan Leavengood" <leavengood@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 11:10:39 -0400

For anyone who has used Windows or a recent GNOME on Linux, you may be
familiar with the little yellow notification windows that can pop up
at times (like your network is down or up, new updates are available,
etc.) While these can be annoying at times, in general I think they
are useful and can be helpful to the user experience.

Another example of this is Growl for Mac OS X, which seems more
flexible and configurable than the notifications on Windows and GNOME.

So I propose a Notification Server to be written and added to Haiku.
It would be pretty simple, just a little server that can pop up
notification windows with a given title and text in a certain position
on the screen. It can be turned on and off, and possibly could have
more detailed options like Growl. There would be a simple
BNotification class added to the Interface Kit which would interface
with the Notification Server to allow applications to easily send
notifications. In addition the simple BMessage-based API to be used
between BNotification and the server could be published to allow use
from hey and other such applications.

I would like to do this work and add it for Haiku R1. But though it is
simple, this may be outside the scope of R1, or maybe some of you
think this just isn't in the spirit of BeOS or Haiku. So please let me

If it sounds good I will start work on it and add it to the
repository. If not I'll write down some notes and do it after R1 is
released :)


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