[haiku-development] Re: Networks Preferences #2

  • From: Stephan Assmus <superstippi@xxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 00:41:02 +0200

On 2009-09-18 at 22:16:22 [+0200], Casalinuovo Dario <barrett666@xxxxxxxxx> 
> 2009/9/18 Stephan Aßmus <superstippi@xxxxxx>
> > Philippe Houdoin schrieb:
> >
> > I've now looked at Casalinuovo's work, although I have not tested it 
> > very throughroughly. My biggest gripe is that I don't get the panel. I 
> > know it is implementing Waldemar's design, but I without having read 
> > again what Waldemar wrote, I cannot grasp some important features of 
> > the panel. What are "networks"? Why can I move items between networks? 
> > Why can I remove items, instead of disabling them? I would rather see a 
> > panel that is self-explanatory. Somehow the average user with his/her 
> > needs is left in the dark here to enable some advanced uses. I feel I 
> > am such a novice user, since I have to admit I don't even know what a 
> > VPN is (although I know it stands for Virtual Private Network).
> >
> I only followed this proposal :
> http://dev.haiku-os.org/wiki/Networks%20Preferences
> >
> > While testing the panel a bit, I noticed some things don't work. For 
> > example clicking the Remove button removed my interface, but Revert All 
> > did not restore it.
> >
> I'm currently working on the preflet...This will be implemented.
> >
> > I would like Hardware to "stay hardware". I.e. the user cannot remove 
> > it. Disabling yes, but being able to remove it seems plain wrong to me.
> >
> >
> i "resolved" the issue mentioned by you in the last days (i updated the 
> patch in the trac http://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/820).

I know, and I am guilty for pointing you at that. At the time I looked at 
this before, it made sense to me, or at least I remember that I felt it 
made sense...

With the other preflet, at least one knows what to do. I see a lot of small 
things I would want to improve in that panel, but at least it is somehow 
obvious how to accomplish certain basic tasks.

> I would really like to see us produce a quality Network preflet. It
> > should use modern design patterns and just be a great application from 
> > the inside to the outside. And it should be easy to use and obvious to 
> > the novice user.
> >
> I agree with you, so since my code is bad i don't have problems to put it 
> in the garbage if another guy that can do a better work.

I will try to make some time and look at more of the code, it seems like I 
happened to look at some older code, as you say. For the past week, I was 
travelling and my Internet access wasn't so convenient (no Wi-Fi in Haiku 
yet). I will try to give you more detailed feedback, because as you know, 
it is very encouraging when new developers try to get involved and help 
with the project! :-) It is my frustration that I can't seem to find the 
time to review your code properly, despite the fact that your asked me 
multiple times. I am really sorry about that.

Best regards,

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