[haiku-development] Re: My First Haiku Project?

  • From: "Michael Crawford" <mdcrawford@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 14:37:35 -0700

I wrote,

> I would actually like to support multiple protocols.  It sounds like
> most of you would prefer BSD's protocol, so I'll do that first, but it
> would be handy to also support Apple's protocol, because that would
> enable using a Mac for the UI without requiring a special build of
> GDB.

Actually I'm wrong about that - even if I implemented Apple's
protocol, one would still need a special build of GDB, because OS X
binaries have the Mach-O executably format, and Haiku use (if I'm not
mistaken) ELF.

So I might as well just use BSD's protocol.

I bought an nVidia e-GeForce 6200 AGP video card for $44.95 at Central
Computer.  I haven't tried it out yet, as I'm having some trouble with
my motherboard - I think I need to upgrade its firmware for ATA-5 hard
drives. :-D

I also bought an IOGear 4-port USB/DVI KVM switch, model # GCS1764.  I
could have bought a nice monitor for the cost of it, but then I would
have had nowhere to put it!  It cost $259.99

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