[haiku-development] Re: Mounted Volumes

  • From: Nick <tonestone57@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 20:48:37 -0600

> I'm not sure I really agree about the menu thing. It takes up place
> and looks less pretty, and the leaf is unique enough on the system so
> that people will remember what it means. Also, Microsoft already
> dumped the start menu; let's not backtrack, shall we?

> Duane


Okay but I am going to give a few quick reasons why I liked text on the Deskbar 
instead - just to give the bigger picture:

1) I thought Haiku was trying to look similar to BeOS?  Since everything else 
in Haiku tries to mimic BeOS look and feel - even the desktop icons are close 
to, if not the same.  If so, then we should follow the same style that Be used 
for their Deskbar?  Be used "BeOS" text on their Deskbar ( and yT used ZETA on 
theirs ).

2) Leaf Deskbar looks more like KDE/Vista - both of which look unappealing to 
me.  I still use XP and may never upgrade to another Windows ( may have to for 
work though ).  I wonder why most of the popular Linux distros out there use 
Gnome instead of KDE then?

3) Haiku has moved very close to KDE/Vista look.  Using text on the Deskbar 
makes it a little balanced ( adds in a little Gnome feel/look to the Deskbar ). 
 Yes, I like using Gnome Linux.  Is everyone here using KDE Linux then?

4)  Those that like the Deskbar leaf hopefully use KDE Linux too to keep a 
similar style between Haiku & Linux.  If they use Gnome Linux then that would 
not make sense.  Haiku & Gnome are looking very different from each other 
whereas KDE and Haiku look about the same.  If people are using Gnome then why 
do they like the Haiku KDE look?  Text on the Deskbar would bring in a little 
Gnome feel to it. 

5) Very Important.  I think that Image/Icons should only be for programs ( 
games & applications ).  Deskbar should look "unique and different" - stand 
out.  If I took the Deskbar leaf and threw it in with 35 desktop icons - it 
would look very similar to them.  If I did the same with a Deskbar image that 
said MENU - it would stand out and be noticed quicker/easier - would look 
different from the desktop icons.

The issue is that everyone wants icons/images to represent everything these 
days.  Maybe the next step from here is to remove file extentions altogether 
and use icons to represent all file types?  I wonder how well that would work 
out with many different file types?

I also wonder, if we polled people on the Vista/KDE vs Gnome style which they 
would prefer.  If Gnome won, which uses text based menus, then people would 
have to explain why they liked the Haiku KDE look ( leaf vs text ).

People know what the leaf stands for because it stays in one relative position 
- you could put any image there ( ie: ladybugs ) and people would know it stood 
for the deskbar menu system.  Staying in 1 location makes it easy to understand 
what the leaf represents.  If Microsoft wants to look more like KDE does that 
mean that Haiku should too?

This is how I feel because I really like Gnome myself and believe we are moving 
towards a "full" KDE/Vista look which I do not like.  It is not a matter of 
whether the leaf looks good or not but rather the style Haiku has adopted.


You wanted to know so I told you. :-)


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